Media Incubator

Co-chairs Kathleen A. Tarr & Deborah Goodwin

This task force is dedicated to the establishment of a media incubator and marketplace for women filmmakers. It will create strategic educational opportunities and investor partnerships to promote and support film & TV productions from script to screen.

This committee will create a Women’s Media Incubator & Marketplace to be launch in the San Francisco Bay are in 2017.

This incubator will provide four services:

Education: Stanford Institute for Diversity in the Arts and other educational institutions will help promote diversity in media by educating media makers, public policy makers, and investors on the importance and benefits of female voices and perspectives in our nation’s entertainment media.

Policy: Spearheading and enacting policy solutions and education of state and federal government representatives and employees, as well as investors, about the legal and ethical need to get more women working in key media storytelling jobs. We will generate 5 – 10 policy imperatives, “marching orders,” and an “action list.”

Finance: Elevate/Ellevest to create 200+ funds to help finance the production of content created and crafted by women, with women in key storytelling positions.

Outreach: WIF LA, NYYWIFT, PWIF, Film Fatales, PGA, social media, news media, etc…


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